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New! Dark Riddle APK 2.0.5 (Adventure Game)

Dark Riddle APK 2.0.5

Editor's word: Find out the neighbor’s secret.


New! Dead Battlelands APK 1.1.1 (Adventure Game)

Dead Battlelands APK 1.1.1

Editor's word: Can you break through the darkness and escape from this zombie-cursed land?.

New! Another World Is Lost APK 4.3 (Adventure Game)

Another World Is Lost APK 4.3

Editor's word: A single player arcade city-building strategic game.

New! Rusty Memory APK 1.0.5 (Adventure Game)

Rusty Memory APK 1.0.5

Editor's word: There is no way out, I have to survive in this extreme environment.

Updated! Persian Nights APK 2.2 (Adventure Game)

Persian Nights APK 2.2

Editor's word: Save Persia from mysterious plague.

Updated! Detective Story: Jack's Case APK 2.0.22 (Adventure Game)

Detective Story: Jack's Case APK 2.0.22

Editor's word: Start your investigation. You only have one hour to save a man's life. Solve one of the most mysterious cases in the game based on real events.

Updated! BlockStarPlanet APK 4.5.0 (Adventure Game)

BlockStarPlanet APK 4.5.0

Editor's word: The best block-building app for creative friends.

Updated! Virtual Droid 2 APK 5.8 (Adventure Game)

Virtual Droid 2 APK 5.8

Editor's word: Enter the world of Virtual Droid 2 and meet thousands of people.

Updated! CatFish APK 1.0.56 (Adventure Game)

CatFish APK 1.0.56

Editor's word: Gear up, wait for a fish to bite and reel it in playing a fun mini game.

Updated! Dash Quest APK 2.9.4 (Adventure Game)

Dash Quest APK 2.9.4

Editor's word: Endless running RPG where you hack, slash and dash your way to epic boss battles.